Growth redefined

Your digital plantation

Wonderkiri is a modern and environmentally conscious project that offers all people worldwide a simple and crisis-proof way to increase wealth.

The special thing about this revolutionary business model: unlike other offers in this segment, here you profit significantly from environmental & climate protection and give something great back to nature at the same time.

Investments in the wooden market have always proven to be very profitable over the centuries with a disadvantage: trees grow very slowly. Our business model combines the known safety and lucrative with the necessary flexibility and simplicity. For this we launched the Naos token. His value is directly linked to our enormously growing Kiri tree plantations that make him extremely profitable and value stable. You can buy the Naos token with just a few clicks, watch him and then sell profitably.

That's how it works.

Thanks to the fastest growing tree on earth, our plantations grow faster than almost any other.

Regular valuation reports determine the exact value of our plantations. Above all, the size and quality of Kiri trees are considered.

With each appraisal, the value of the naos token changes immediately. It reaches its maximum value at harvest.

The Naos token can be sold at any time. So he is a secure and flexible way to multiply your assets.

Advantages of the naos token

Stable performance

The value of the Naos token grows in parallel with the growth of our plantations regardless of currencies and markets.


Inflation protected

The Naos token is absolutely crisis-proof, inflation-protected & stock market dependent.


Full transparency

Through the Naos platform you have the full control and overview of your tokens.


No minimum term

The Naos token eliminates the only downside of trees as a value system. He can easily be bought and just as easily sold.


Strongly Growing Market

Since 1990, wood recorded as a raw material a price increase of 1054%. Tendency rising to the world's population.


Environmental Wunder

Through his big leaves, the cherry tree absorbs more CO2 than most other trees. A tree absorbs about 60kg CO2 a year.2 than most other trees. One tree absorbs about 60kg of CO2 per year.


Get the Naos token now and benefit directly from the next value appreciation.

Kiri trees grow fast

The naos token grows with

The Kiri tree (Paulownia) is the fastest growing precious wood tree on earth! It reaches its full-grown height of up to 15 metres within 8 years. Then the trunk diameter measures approx. 35 to 45 cm and can be felled for harvesting.

The wood of the Kiri tree is considered one of the noblest woods at all and is used due to its low weight and yet high stability preferably in boat and aircraft construction, for ski and surfboards as well as for furniture and musical instruments. This value reflects in the Naos token.

Just a few clicks

Simple purchase transaction

Simplicity is important to us! With the Naos platform you can easily buy token, monitor the course of your token and sell easily profitably.

Get your first Naos tokens at a preferential price!