Kiri tree

The World Champion

Kiri tree

Der Kiri Baum gilt als der schnellst wachsende Baum der Erde. Schafft man die für ihn notwendigen Wachstumsvoraussetzungen, ist er in der Lage, in einem Jahr über fünf Meter zu wachsen und in einem Zehntel der Zeit so viel Holzvolumen zu produzieren wie eine Eiche. Auch für das Klima und die Umwelt ist der Kiri-Baum von enormer Wichtigkeit. Durch seine großen Blätter absorbiert er deutlich mehr CO2 als die meisten anderen Bäume – daher auch seine Bezeichnung als „die Lunge der Städte“.

It is often referred to as the Phoenix tree because it has the ability to grow back many times after it has been cut down - making it incredibly lucrative. Thanks to the roots it already has, it now grows even faster.

Due to the many positive properties, the Kiri tree is ideal for growing it on plantations. He stands out all the other trees by providing fine wood of very good quality in much shorter time, providing a noticeable positive effect on the climate, as well as the air and ground quality.

Medium height after 10 yearsv

CO2 Absorption of a tree after 10 years

The light all-rounder

Kiri wood profile

Extremely easy

With its weight of approx. 270 kg/m³, Kiri wood is significantly lighter than most woods. An oak weighs comparatively about 770 kg/m³, a beech 720 and a spruce 450 kg/m³. This makes it not only attractive as a raw material but also saves transport and energy costs.


Excellent strength

Due to its honeycomb cell structure, kiri is very strong and stable in relation to its weight. Because of its stability at very low weight, it is also called the aluminium among the precious woods.



Kiri Wood stores a lot of air in his vacuoles that makes it an excellent insulation material. With only 0.095 W / mk more than twice as well as oak or beech.

Heavy flammable

Only at over 420 degrees Celsius Kiri catches wood to burn. Pine wood already flamed at 225 degrees and oak at 260 degrees.

Virtually knot-free precious wood

First-class care of the kiri trees during growth enables a completely knotty assortment. A delicate grain and the pleasantly even feel make it very attractive as a raw material.

Absolutely weatherproof

No cracks, no bowling, no warping - once dried, Kiri wood can withstand enormous weathering. This property makes it attractive for many, especially in façade construction.



Kiri wood Usage

Boats and shipbuilding

Wood is the oldest material in boat construction. Boats require a material which is simultaneously strong and low in weight is thus a perfect field of application for wood Kiri.

Sauna Construction

Due to its low thermal conductivity of only 0.09 W / MK, Kiri Wood is ideal for the sauna construction. Besides, it is odourless and does not splinter.

Caravans & Tiny Houses

Caravans, Campers and Tiny Houses have one thing in common. You have to be stable and still be easy! Here Kiri Wood can play his full strength stable, light and well insulating.

Water Sports

Kiri Wood does not precipitate with wet and is extremely lightweight properties for making surfboards, long boards, paddle boards and other water sports equipment.