Select 1500 Naos Token


Countervalue: 60 Kiri trees
1 naos token = 9,95 €
statt 10,30 €
Ersparnis 525 €
Value adjustment through regular appraisals
Access to the stock exchange portal
No additional costs


Value growth with system

Simpler than ever

New Plantation

A new plantation is planted with Kiri Tree Lash. Our plantations are largely in Southern Europe. The warm climate guarantees fast and uniform growth of trees and good wood quality.

The Naos Token as the counter value

The Naos token reflects the current value of the plantation again. The plantation area decides how many Naos tokens are issued for this plantation. At the beginning a tree corresponds to around 25 Naos tokens at a course of 8.90 €.


Independent appraisals of the value of our plantations are carried out at regular intervals. Among other things, the size of the trees, the quality of the wood and the current price of wood are taken into account. With each appraisal, the value of the naos token is adjusted.

Plantation is felled

After about eight to ten years, the Kiri trees are ready for harvesting and can be cut down. The wood is now processed and sold. As a result, the value of the Naos token is increasing significantly one last time.


After the kiri trees have been processed, the associated naos tokens will be bought back from you by Wonderkiri OÜ at the maximum price.

New Cycle

Now the plantation will be reforested again and new Naos tokens are output. This process can also be done in parallel with other implantations.